General Admission FAQ


General Funtopia USA information:
• Socks required for all play areas
• Comfortable clothing suggested
• Lazer tag announcement are made throughout the day, tickets can be purchased at time of announcement
• All childrens exits are final
What ages pay admission?
Any child walking until the age of 18 (ID required) would have to purchase admission to enter, gaining access to 3 level jungle gym and toddler area and receive a free return pass redeemable one time within thirty days.
Children over 60”(5ft) will pay ten dollars to enter and receive $10 in tokens but do not have access to the jungle gym and toddler area.
Do adults pay admission?
Adults do not pay admission when accompanying a child.
How long are free return pass valid?
Free passes can be used one time with in 30 days. Not valid same day or for special events.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, Discover or cash are accepted.
We also have an ATM on premises.
Is outside food/beverage permitted?
Funtopia USA’s cafe offers an assortment of food, otherwise there is no outside food/beverage permitted inside.
When can I bring in a birthday cake?
Birthday cakes are allowed inside Monday thru Friday as a courtesy to our customers.
Cake must be put away one hour prior to closing.
Tables cannot be reserved or moved and decorations are not allowed.
Are there group/organization rates?
Tax exempt form
20 children minimum
Available Monday thru Friday excluding holidays/ special events
Call for pricing and availability
Is Funtopia USA a franchise?
Funtopia USA is a small local business with a big name.